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The Tennessee

Current Date


Well, I Am A Mother Of Five, And Nanna Of Nine Grandchildren. Two Girls And Seven Boys.
I Have A Wonderfully Supportive Husband, Elias. I Love Working For The Lord. He Is An
Awesome God. The Lord Called Me Into His Service In 1997 When He Gave Me A Part
In His Music Ministry. And Since Has Called Me To Be A Minister Of His Word.
I Became An Ordained Minister In July 2002. So Now I Am A Minister In Both Word And
Song. And I Do Both With Love And Joy For My Lord And Savior. To Him Be The Glory, The
Author And Finisher Of My Salvation.

Carolyn Was Born In Crossville, Tennessee. And Has 1 Sister. Was Married In 1975 To
Gordon Barnes Who Passed Away In 1997. Carolyn Loves Working For The Lord. And
Singing Is One Of The Callings The Lord Has Placed On Her Life. She Loves To Shop And
Eat As The Rest Of The Girls Do. Her Main Goal Is To See Souls Saved, And Lives Touched
Through Our Ministry.

I Am A 65 Year Old. With 8 Children And 23 Grandchildren, And 13 Great Grandchildren.
I Enjoy Spending Time With Them All. I Enjoy Going Out And Doing The Work The Lord
Has Set Before Me. He Is So Good. He Has Healed Me Of Incurable Cancer. This Type
Of Cancer Is So Rare There Was Only 11 Known Cases At The Time It Attacked My Body.
No One Has Ever Lived Long Enough To Do A Study On It, Until Now. The Longest Anyone
Has Ever Lived With This Cancer Is Six Months. The Doctors Said We Don't Even Know
How To Treat It Nothing Has Worked Before.
My God Said My Grace Is Sufficient, I Am The God That Healeth Thee.

Bertha Was Born In Crossville, Tennessee. Number 4 Of 14 Children. She Married In 1952
To Robert Sherrill, Who Passed Away In 2003. They Had 4 Children And 4 Grandchildren.
Bertha Loves Singing For The Lord. Her Goals Are The Same As The Rest Of Us Girls.
To See Souls Saved And Lives Touched Through Our Ministry.

Sue Was Born In Crossville, Tennessee. She Was Number 10 Of 14 Children. She Married
In 1965 To Bill Maynard. And Has 3 Children And Five Grandchildren. Like The Others She
Likes To Shop And Eat. Sue Loves The Lord. And Her Desire Is To See Souls Saved
And Lives Touched Through Our Ministry.